So you're ready to join!  Good!  Follow the links below and be sure to read the associated documentation carefully.
Step 1:  Review the AMA Safety Code
All members are required to abide by national AMA rules!
Step 2:  Join the AMA
You must provide proof of AMA membership before acceptance in CCRCS!
Step 3:  Review the CCRCS Bylaws
Please read carefully and ask any club officer for clarification if needed.
Step 4:  Review the CCRCS Field Operating Rules
Violating these rules can result in suspension or eviction!
Step 5:  Print/deliver the CCRCS Membership Application
Mail with your proof of AMA membership and yearly pro-rated fee to the address on the form, or see us at the next meeting!
NOTE:  If are renewing for the year, print out the application, fill it out (again) and send it to the address on the form.  Remember, you save money by renewing early - so don't wait!  You have until March 1st to get your renewal in each year.  Remember to get your AMA renewal first, then send a copy of the AMA renewal along with your application.
  Step 6:  Complete our voluntary training certification program.
GOOD NEWS!  CCRCS has developed a voluntary flight certification program!  New pilots especially, and seasoned pilots are encouraged to participate in this program to enhance your personal abilities and promote safety.  For more information on this program, contact a club flight instructor or club officer.  These good people can be contacted through the Club Officers page of this website.
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