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Electric Flight Resources Common Sense RC                                   Power Chart                                     
  Luis Munoz LiPo Battery Charge Matrix
  Luis Munoz Battery Amperage Chart
  RC Toys Disposing of LiPo Batteries Safely
Common Sense RC Electric Motor Wizard
  Common Sense RC LiPo Battery Fire/Hazard Precaution Video
  Common Sense RC Your LiPo Battery's "C" Rating Explained
  Dan Gillespie Battery University
  Dave Buxton The Importance of LiPo Battery Balancing
  Nitro Planes Understanding KV in a Brushless Motor
Noise Issues Ralph Suter/
Propeller Tip Speed Chart
  Ralph Suter/
Ways to beat the 82db Limit
Modeling Dave Anderson/
A Better Foam/Balsa Patch Method
Luis Munoz Micro-Bubble Sealing of Joints Center of Gravity Set-up
Nitro Ideas   Excess Fuel Catch Can 2-stroke Engine Tuning 2 - Stroke Engine Set-up
Painting Ideas Dan Gillespie / Darrol Cady
Fiberglass Painting
Cool Gadgets! Brian Koluder Wind Vane for your iPhone
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