Meeting Info
Randy's Flying Witch!!!

Tom featuring his own P-51!

Tom O with the maiden on his E-Flight Habu

John's maiden flight on his new Twinstar - featuring two OS .25's

John's Maiden of his kit-build Rambler

Dave's Planes:  T-34 Mentor and F-15 Eagle

Carter's Maiden of his new Giles plane

Doug's F-18 with a modified pusher prop

P-51 tail separation in flight

Tom's PT-19 Maiden Flight

Tom's Saito FG-36 - mounted on a PT-19 - first start-up

Tom's Trex 600 Crash

Luis' F-5 in Flight

Large scale 33% Yak flying at the CCRCS field in Clark County

Tom: This is the second flight of my Top Flight Cessna 310

This is the maiden flight of Mike's 50cc gasser

This is Dave's Piper and Randy's Katana

See Tom maiden his new Top Flight Cessna 310

Blue Thunder 30% Yak

A little footage of Herb's delta wing and Dave's E-Flite 777

B-29 launching the X-1 Rocket (Not CCRCS)!

Tom's H9 Miss America P-51 John's forward swept bat wing Tom's Aeroworks Yak 54

This is the maiden flight of my Yak 54.

Alan's Twinstar. A beautiful flying airplane until I got my hands on it. Good Flying Alan!

This is a slideshow of pictures I have taken of CCRCS club members aircraft.

A little video of the CCRCS Warbird fun fly in May 2009.

This was the first flight of the World Models 1/7 Scale Spitfire

RC Flying in 20-25 knot winds

This is Ed's Top Flite C-47.

Ed's Super Skybolt on it's maiden flight.

This is the maiden flight of Luis' F4 EDF.

This is Mike's beautiful new Pitts Special

Seems like we have rock star on our hands!

Dave's new 30% Yak 54 with DL 50cc, Tom's new Bobcat w .65 LA

Black Monday! 2 planes damaged and 4 totally destroyed in less than two hours

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